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Steering pulling left or right? Steering wheel shimmying or vibrating? Here’s what you need to know. - auto repair financing

Hi, Rick from ABC Autotech here,

Nearly every car owner has experienced steering pulling, or steering wheel shimmying or vibrating. Sometimes the problem is so bad that the steering wheel is shimmying even at slow speeds. What are the possible causes of steering wheel shimmying or vibrating? The most common are issues with tires, bent rims, worn bearings, wheel hubs not properly adjusted, suspension irregularities, and problems in the braking system.

In some cases, a simple rotation of the tires will do the trick. This is because most simple shimmying problems are caused by uneven tires. Do not wait for anything worse than vibrating and shimmying steering wheels before you address the problem. It is always better for your wallet and for the general health of your car to fix a smaller problem now than to wait for it to become a bigger (and more expensive) problem later.

If you have any questions about your car, truck, SUV or van, please give me a call. You can reach me anytime at 941-755-0112.

‘Till next time, be safe out there!


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